Winterhalter PT500 Pass Through Dishwasher

Winterhalter PT500 Pass Through Dishwasher

$9,990.00 ex GST

Silver Chef Rental Price: $19.93 per day

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Heavy Duty, High Performance Dishwasher
Made to Highest Standards in Germany
Automatic self-cleaning program
High Performance Wash Pump and Rinse Pump
3 x programmable cycles
One button operation
Independent top and bottom wash and rinse system
Collision wash jets provide maximum washing power
Ergonomically designed hood handles
Pressed stainless steel tank for long life
Interlock to prevent low temperature rinse

Quadruple wash water filtration keeps dirt out of the detergent – reducing water and energy consumption

Approx 70 racks per hour
Double skinned wash chamber to reduce noise and heat emissions
Low Water consumption: only 2.4 litres per cycle
2 year parts and labour warranty

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